4DO Alpha Released!

Version alpha includes:
* NVRAM support : Quite the lazy job on my part. It just saves to “NVRAM_SaveData.ram” in the same directory as 4DO.exe. This is non-configurable, but it works!
* Fix to a crash on startup resulting from toggling certain settings.

So, it’s now full-featured, though a bit hairy. Anyway, you can get it here. Woohoo!

In other news, I’ve been attempting to touch base with any remainders of the FreeDO development team. There are several versions of FreeDO that were never “officially” released. These versions have noticeable improvements (mainly graphics) in the core that I would like to make use of. It seems like a waste to have two 3DO emulators developed simultaneously when there is such little development going on at all. I’m unsure if this will mean me merging into what’s left of the FreeDO development effort, or if it means them merging into 4DO, or if it means that my diplomatic efforts fail and I’m just given the finger and told to mind my own business. I’m pretty certain that it will affect what happens with 4DO in the future.

I got in touch with the FreeDO developer I know (Altmer), and he is apparently still working on it, though slowly. I don’t know this for sure yet, but I think he was single-handedly responsible for the post-official releases like “2.1 alfa”. Those versions have improvements that I would like to incorporate into 4DO if possible…

I think we both should be working on the same emulator. However, I don’t really know that Altmer would be cool with me swooping in, taking his work, and rebranding it as “4DO”. So, I’ve offered to join up with him, which may mean I’d help improve FreeDO and leave 4DO alone. I’m unsure if he’s even interested in accepting help or open-sourcing what he’s done.

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