4DO Alpha Released!

Only a few minor changes this time:

  1. Fixed freeze seen in FZ-1 bios screen.
  2. Fixed bug in which the pause “status” was not saved correctly when the option is enabled.
  3. Changed the display to enforce that it shows black when the system is not running.

To try out 4DO alpha, head to to the download page:
4DO Downloads

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11 thoughts on “4DO Alpha Released!

  1. Foster353 says:

    the D/L link takes you to ver Alpha (or again this could be my crappy computer)

  2. Foster353 says:

    I still get the “FourDO has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” error. I have installed slimdx and all the other stuff too, I just can’t get past ver to work. no other data with the error. I do have the Intel 82945g express chipset graphics card is that where my problem comes in? I may just go buy a new computer this weekend and see if that can fix my problem.

    • Johnny says:

      Hi Foster,

      So far it looks like the intel express chipset is incompatible with the DirectX versions of 4DO. I’m unsure what the root cause is. I’ve asked a few friends but haven’t found anybody with this chipset. If I find one I’ll be able to debug the issue.

      I will be re-introducing the GDI graphics option sometime during the beta phase, which is the graphics option that should pretty much have 100% compatibility at the cost of performance and no v-sync.

      Also, at some point I’ll want to add better logging of errors to help me troubleshoot these problems!

      • Foster353 says:

        Hi Johnny, I did a little research and found that the intel chipset is not compatible with directX 11. My os is still winXP and even if I were to run win7 on this crappy computer it would still give the error due to the intel chipset not being compatible. My laptop runs the new version fine. I guess the last version you made with directX 9c was and that is why it is the only version to run on my XP system. No worries, so keep up the good work!

        • Johnny says:

          Hi Foster,

          It does seem like DirectX is the culprit.

          I want to clarify that was the last version with no DirectX at all. introduced DirectX 11, but (and beyond) uses DirectX 9. So it sounds like not even DirectX 9 is working.

  3. Sedabi says:

    Hey Johnny, where stereo sound? why it is not in the emulator?
    Sincerely Sedabi.

  4. Versus says:

    Hi! Thank you for developing for 3DO. I’m glad to look up for your progress. You’ve made some features like “Save, Load State”, “Close Game”, Auto startUp last ISOs and so on.
    Can you make a better performance?
    Do you plan to write some engines or games for 3DO platform?

  5. Tobor999 says:

    Hi all,

    Thank you for taking up where Freedo left off. There are quite a number of improvements already made and I cannot wait to see what happens from here on. The interface is cleaner. As stated above, I like the save state and autostart the last ISO.

    Thanks again!

  6. Sedabi says:

    Hi Johnny
    As far as I know, the emulator freedo on code which is based your emulator. Originally had a stereo sound. You’ve got only mono. Where did the stereo?

  7. 3dofan says:

    разработчики скушали стерео звук

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