4DO Beta Released!

More incremental improvements, including one more playable game!


  1. Seal of the Pharoah now fully playable.
  2. Video timing fix for The Horde
  3. Improved timing fixes for Wing Commander 3 – Freezes now occur much less often, but can still sometimes occur.
  4. Graphical rendering fix for Pebble Beach Golf Links font issue – This may also affect other games, but I have not seen any occurrences.
  5. Russian translations improved – Provided by Sedabi!
  6. Alt+Enter now toggles full screen mode.
  7. A couple French translation improvements.

If you want to try 4DO beta, head to to the download page:
4DO Downloads

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11 thoughts on “4DO Beta Released!

  1. CCCP1982 says:

    Хорошо!!! Спасибо тебе !!!Джонни!

  2. Sedabi says:

    Joni you solved the problem of the brakes in the games? … You did not notice that if the emulator shows 60 frames, then the video window often shows FPS drop from 30 to 60 and vice versa.
    This can be easily detected by a program’s such as Fraps

  3. Sedabi says:

    i mind slowly speed in game

  4. Sedabi says:

    Please chek it

  5. CCCP1982 says:

    Такое есть но Fraps не точен !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. BryWI says:

    Undocumented Feature!

    The dark transparency in the middle of the screen while playing Virtuoso is fixed in this version.

    • Johnny says:

      Oh wow, you’re right! Sweet! Good find!

      Did you have this game? I’ve tried it out, but it’s pretty odd!

      • BryWI says:

        I hadn’t played the game until someone mentioned the bug. It is an odd game, but I plan on playing through it a little more.

        I need to compare this game with some footage of the game running on the hardware. It could be a little darker than it should be. I could very well be wrong though. I didn’t think about this until I was done testing things. I can look into this tomorrow.

        If memory serves right, FreeDO ran this game pretty bright when I tested it on there. If so, that might be incorrect.

  7. YukoAsho says:

    Sweet, a new version, and with so many fixes. :) Man, won’t be long until Crash’n Burn plays perfectly!


    Gimmie a 4! Gimmie a D! Gimmie an O! What’s that spell!? ^_^

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