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4DO Released!

Some good updates! Primarily bug fixes, but also a new UI feature! Improvements: Auto-crop feature added. Tired of your 3DO games adding a black border around your game? Enable auto-crop in the display menu to allow 4DO to automatically detect … Continue reading

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4DO Released!

A few elusive core bugs fixed! Improvements: Daedalus Encounter freeze fix updated. Viktor did a lot of debugging, and eventually found and fixed a difficult core emulation bug that was causing the Scene 5 freeze! This also uncovered a fix … Continue reading

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4DO Released!

Japanese game players rejoice! Improvements: Bios 2 Support Added. Viktor determined how to added support for the second bios slot, used in Japanese hardware for the Kanji font. This should enable support for several Japanese games that require it (one … Continue reading

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4DO Leaves the Beta Stage

Across the goal line 4DO is no longer titled as “beta”. The emulation is in a good state, and the primary features of the emulator have been stable for quite a while. It’s been a overall a quick revival since … Continue reading

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4DO Released!

There are no functional changes in I made some updates to the publishing tools in the 4DO repository, this includes a fix in which the SlimDX.dll file was in the “Tools” directory in the zip file (this was seen … Continue reading

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