4DO Released!

There are no functional changes in

I made some updates to the publishing tools in the 4DO repository, this includes a fix in which the SlimDX.dll file was in the “Tools” directory in the zip file (this was seen in the original zip file uploaded, but was later fixed).

If you try out the installer and find issues, please leave a comment!

If you want to try 4DO beta, head to to the download page:
4DO Downloads

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7 thoughts on “4DO Released!

  1. KOT says:

    Great news man!!! I just doanloaded almost all roms to play my favourite games! Will be glad to test new version of 4DO !!!

  2. Sedabi says:

    Dear Johnny, thank you for your labors.
    But the release of frankly weird.
    You have not updated my Russian translation, and it is not clear that the emulation is now waiting for the image … you have not added any filters, and probably did not even try.
    Who will it be done?
    Victor coder in the nucleus, but not the GUI.
    Sincerely Sedabi.

    • Johnny says:

      I forgot to apply your latest Russian translation updates. I will get these added correctly.
      I know you are disappointed that some features you have requested have not been implemented. It is not an insult to you when this happens. Try to remember that this project is operated on individual free time only.

  3. dave says:

    All is well and good under a x64 win7 but when I try this on my xp install, nothing happens. I have all the .net stuff installed etc but just won’t run.

  4. Sedabi says:

    Dear Johnny. I have a problem with the emulator.
    In order:
    In general, there are strange in the emulator slowdown.
    Emulator folder is on drive C:
    Game (the image) is also on the C: drive
    Windows 7 x64
    Games played with a few slow strokes. And the music and video games are working fine.
    In the emulator Freedo 2.1.1 no such problems.
    But if I transfer the game (the image) to another hard drive, that is, run the emulator from drive C:, and the game with a drive E:
    we do not have such slowdowns.
    Why is this happening?
    This is very strange, and I repeat, with the emulator Freedo 2.1.1. no such problems.

  5. han says:

    You guys doing a great work! look please at crash n burn it is not working yet.

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