4DO Released!

Some good updates! Primarily bug fixes, but also a new UI feature!


  1. Auto-crop feature added. Tired of your 3DO games adding a black border around your game? Enable auto-crop in the display menu to allow 4DO to automatically detect and remove these borders! More details below
  2. Sewer Shark and Night Trap were experiencing a startup issue in this is now fixed.
  3. Slam ‘n Jam 95 was crashing after the Samurai Shodown improvements in This is now fixed.
  4. 4DO now detects additional types of input devices. For example, a PS3 controller set up through MotionJoy now works as intended!
  5. More French translation improvements from Benjamin Siskoo
  6. More Chinese translation improvements from money

Auto-Cropping Disabled

Auto-Cropping Enabled

Behavioral and technical details of the autocrop feature are:

  • Cropping will perform at most 25% on each side.
  • The amount of cropping performed on each side is determined independently
  • If the user has specified to preserve aspect ratio, crops may result in an aspect ratio different than native. This is automatically expanded to the available area. Thus, games that attempt to simulate widescreen can actually be played in the intended widescreen format. An example of this is apparent in the screenshots of Wing Commander III above.
  • Auto-cropping will only increase the amount of screen cropping if the available cropping detected remains constant for 1 second.
  • Cropping detects black and near black colors; colors within about 6% of black are also considered black.
  • If the crop for any side is detected to have been too much for any side, it is immediately expanded appropriately; thus, non-black pixels are always made visible.

I first saw the need for this feature when I played through Lucienne’s Quest. I’ve come to find that several games I’ve played benefit from removing this border: Wing Commander III, Daedalus Encounter, Alone in the Dark 1 & 2, AD&D Slayer, and pretty much any FMV game!

If you want to try 4DO, head to to the download page:
4DO Downloads

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2 thoughts on “4DO Released!

  1. CCCP1982 says:

    Спасибо за поддержку геймпада от PS3!!!!)

  2. greatxerox says:

    Hello guys !

    i just tested Lucienne’s Quest (U).
    i have a Crossfire Ati HD 6970

    fps = 42 , is it “good” ?

    VERY nice work. Congratulations !

    In the future, i hope you’ll put nice filters to upgrade the graphics and the display resolution like DEMUL (sega dreamcast) (2x 3x 4x)

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