4DO Released!

3DO History has been made today!

Viktor worked long and hard to add support for Crash’n Burn, making it fully playablefor the first time on any emulator! This is the result of a lot of difficult, meticulous debugging!

Crash ‘n Burn Works!

Great Job, Viktor!

All Changes in this version:

  1. Crash ‘n Burn support – See additional notes below.
  2. The Advanced Settings’s ARM CPU Overclock option now allows users to increase it further, to clock speed up to 50Mhz (400%).
  3. Auto-cropping previously was ignoring the blue channel when detecting black pixels. This has been fixed.
  4. Russian translation improvements, also from Viktor.
  5. Translation fix on settings screen for autocrop setting.
Crash ‘n Burn Details:

It’s no hoax! For the first time, you can now play Crash ‘n Burn on an emulator! If you had been eagerly awaiting this capability, send praises Viktor‘s way. :)

The fix is pretty complicated, so you may run into a few bugs. When selecting to start a race, sometimes the game will still reboot similar as it did before. Additionally, audio for video clips in racer selection screen sometimes improperly synced. However, the game itself is fully playable!

If you want to try 4DO, head to to the download page:
4DO Downloads

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20 thoughts on “4DO Released!

  1. Bridget says:

    I totally freaked out when I saw this! I don’t know why but I was just thinking to myself before going to bed “I wonder if there’s an update for Crash ‘n’ Burn”… then I look and bam it’s like right there in bold letters from yesterday-ish. Like a psychic moment or something. That was soo weird. You guys are awesome, thank you! I loved playing 3DO when I was little and this was one I played. :)

  2. xZabuzax says:

    Oh damn Crash ‘n’ Burn is finally supported, i was waiting or this day.

    You guys are awesome.

  3. Incredible!!!!!. You are amazing. Thanks Viktor

  4. Its me says:

    Historical moment! Great work!

  5. rouken says:

    Man… I’m not looking for a 3DO emulator because emulators for this system was pretty crap in the past. When 4DO was created and receiving constant updates, I got hopeful!! Now, with addition of a support for a very difficult game to run in a emulator, I can say you guys are really dedicating in this emulator, and turning the 4DO the best 3DO emulator!!! Keep going, guys!! And Thanx to make Crash ‘n Burn runs in the 4DO, Viktor!!

  6. CCCP1982 says:

    Проверил да круто даже как то не верица а игруха Crash ‘n Burn просто шик !!!!!МОЛОДЦЫ!!!)

  7. Meow says:

    I am from Brazil, thanks a lot for the great conquest in all history of 3DO emulation. You are the best! Keep the good work!

  8. Meow says:

    Sorry, but after the new release of the Emulator, the Game MEGARACE is unstable. I cannot run it at all! Hope, you can fix it in the future realeases, thanks!

  9. Johnny says:

    By the way, some of the game issues experienced in are because o the Crash ‘n Burn crazy hacks! Whoops! However, (released shortly) isolates these crazy hacks so that other games aren’t affected. I believe this resolves Gex at least, I haven’t tested Megarace.

  10. QuickPaw says:

    Great work guys! I can’t wait to try this out when I get home tonight! (well, at least

  11. mr.bitman says:


  12. Meow says:

    Hello again! This emulator is the best ever but, it could be better with some Graphic Filters. The native 3DO resolution is so ugly in fullscreen mode. The emulators for other consoles like SNES and PSX have filters that make look better. I hope you can put something to make the screen nicer. Thank very much fot the outstanding good work!

  13. I have test shockwave original one without problems at star, some cuts on video only, this emulator is a good work, i will test gridders this week

  14. StealthRay0 says:

    After years, this game plays on PC! I am having speed/hickup issues, but It may be my rig (running on 1x800mhz lung). When I fix that, I will see how this thing runs.

    Great work, thanks guys!

    • Johnny says:

      Crash’n'Burn seems to run “faster” than most games, which is more demanding on the emulating PC. I’m not sure why. My PC handles it well so I didn’t mind. But you can try the “Advanced” options and turn down the CPU speed, which may bring the game to a speed your PC can handle.

  15. Clockwork says:

    Does anyone want to provide input on what the fix/workaround was?

    • BryWI says:

      You should be able to figure out what the exact source changes were on the sourceforge page. Just check what changed between this revision and the previous revision.

  16. DarioEM says:

    This is totally wicked, I’ve been trying to find CRASH ‘N BURN for a while and have found it!

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