4DO Released!

“hqx” Filters available!


  1. “hqx” Filters Added – Users can select hq2x, hq3x, or hq4x from the Display menu, or in the options screen.
  2. Emulation “Health” Indicator added – This is to help users identify when they have settings that are too intensive for their PCs. See more details below

The hqx filters are full-screen post-processing operations provide benefit via color matching, so there is noticeable improvement on flat fonts or cartoon-style graphics. 3DO games with video or photo-realism are much less likely to see benefit. Here’s a demonstration of hq2x:


Much like the high-resolution rendering (which I’ve renamed to “Double Resolution Rendering”), these hqx filters are very CPU intensive. For example, my 3.0Ghz processor can only handle hq2x at normal speed! Games that do not tax the CPU heavily are good candidates to try.

Note: If you performance is too low for you, you can typically sacrifice game framerate by turning down the CPU Clock Speed in the Advanced settings tab.

I have added a “Health” indicator to help identify when the emulation speed is lagging behind its proper schedule:

Green indicates normal operation. Yellow indicates that the emulation fell behind schedule once recently (and you will hear an audio skip during the compensation), but is otherwise fine. Red indicates that the emulation is chronically behind schedule (at which times framerate is too low and the audio is probably very annoying). Viewing core FPS is still available has not been changed. Games do not necessarily run at 60fps, so FPS wasn’t sufficient to gauge whether the system was running too slow, thus the introduction of the “Health” indicator.

If you want to try 4DO, head to to the download page:
4DO Downloads

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16 thoughts on “4DO Released!

  1. CCCP1982 says:

    Очень здорово!!!

  2. Meow says:

    Thank you for the awesome new filters! I tested with Gex and it is just fine. But, it consumes a lot of cpu resources. I tried the double resolution option and there is no problem! With the Hq2x, the health indicator is red, but the game is playable. Could put the Super2xsal filter in the next releases? Really, now this emulator is the best ever. Congratulations!!!

  3. xZabuzax says:

    Dang this emulator keeps getting better and better, not only you guys keep adding more compatibility but you also keep adding features, this is really nice.

    Would also love to have a 2xsai filter since it also looks nice and don’t consume a lot of cpu either.

    Keep up the awesome work you guys are doing with this emu, peace!

  4. greatxerox says:

    hi supermen !

    i have a Core I7-920 2.8 Ghz
    Crossfire 6970
    12 Gb ram

    i can put hq2x, green health 60 fps
    hq3x, so-so 50 fps
    hq4x RED 35 fps

    4do is just awesome. could you add “scanlines” mode or “tv mode” next time ?

    is it possible to use less CPU and more graphic hardware like ATI graphics cards ?

  5. Paulo says:

    Your work is fantastic, but I have a problem, after 5 min. playing the keybord stops responding and I need to restart the pc, I think it is no problem with the processor, because the health indicator turns green all the time

    • Johnny says:

      That is odd. This didn’t occur with older versions did it? Can you identify a version where this did not occur? There haven’t been a lot of changes to input code so that would help track down the issue.

      You also mentioned that you have to restart the PC. Do you just mean restart the emulator? Having to restart the PC would be extra odd.

      • Paulo says:

        Hi Johnny

        So I did some testing these are the results:
        version – no problem with the keyboard, but the game War The Guardian has a problem with audio sync faster than the video – problem with sync, the video faster than the audio, keyboard stops working (here begins the problem) to – no problem with the sync, they are perfect, but the problem persists with keyboard.
        Hope this helps you.
        Yes, in every problem with keyboard, need shutdown the machine, restarting the 4DO the key does not work.

        • BryWI says:

          Try going into 4DO options and on the General Tab….

          Uncheck “When the main window loses focus, ignore keyboard input”

          Perhaps some spp is somehow making 4DO think that it is losing focus because it is doing something weird like forcing always on top in a weird manner.

          • BryWI says:

            I meant 4DO Settings under options.

            … no edit :facepalm:

            • Paulo says:

              Hi BryWI
              Thanks, but this option is already unchecked.
              The problem is that the keyboard does not work only in the emulator, but on the whole system, so I need restart the pc.

            • BryWI says:

              oh yeah… I should of known better. Sorry!

              I hope nothing is wrong with your mainboard. Apps shouldn’t be causing your keyboard to halt. Is it USB? If it is, do other usb devices on the same ports halt up too? It wouldn’t make sense if this was happening on a usb keyboard though…. (unless you have a possible power supply problem)

              I am going to assume that it is ps/2 keyboard then? If so, Is there an update to your BIOS for your main board? I can only recommend updating your main board’s bios if you know what you are doing though. If anything goes wrong it can render the main board useless.

              I am pretty sure something like this is a hardware problem that 4DO is triggering. This is the first I have heard of this.

  6. Gerard says:

    The emulator is becoming better and better, thank you and congrats on your excellent work!

  7. Innfess says:

    This work’s pretty good and really fantastic =) but I had problems with sound playing Space Hulk:( the sound of pelingator just disappears no matter how much ms I set =( that’s the only problem I met)
    P.S. thanx for the emulator and sorry for my English if there are any mistakes =)

  8. Bubastis says:

    Hey, is the emulation project for Fourdo dead? There is some time without any updates! The HQX filters are so heavy to my CPU, could you put any other graphics filters that are lighter? Please, continue to update this wonderful emulator! Sorry, by my poor english, I am a Brazillian.

    • BryWI says:

      Things have been slow lately, but there has been some activity on the forums. There has been some testing of some beta revisions of the emulator. There have been some big changes internally in the code that needs to be checked that other games are not broken with the fixes. You can get more details about in the forums.

  9. YukoAsho says:

    Good to see FourDO is still kicking ass and taking names! Great work!

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