4DO Released!

Browse for and extract files from your 3DO games!


  1. File Browser Added – Available through the new “Tools” menu, the file browser allows users to browse the current disc’s file system and extract files. This can be used to find music, sound clips, images, videos, etc.
  2. German Language Fixed – German is now actually available. The previous release did not properly include a necessary file in the release package.

The files are often unusual formats, so you will most likely have to find tools for converting them.

If you want to try 4DO, head to to the download page:
4DO Downloads

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13 thoughts on “4DO Released!

  1. AsmodeusDagon says:

    Awesome emulator guys, but there is a problem in the latest version:

    Cd Image Loading is broken, probably because of the new extract feature,that’s why people are getting error loading games, the error is probably related to iso/bin format/block (MODE1/2048), making the emulator not identifying the .bin file as a image from 3do cd. Stick to version in the meanwhile, if your having troubles.

    • Kavera_Jones says:

      Google Translate!

      Hello Brother!

      It’s the same problem with me … Get the version of SVN R370 Fourdo in Emucr, works perfectly for me.

      • Johnny says:

        Whoops! I must have broken something.

        I’ll give this a look soon. I play games from ISO images pretty often and haven’t seen this issue, although it’s possible I’ve been starting from previous save states every time.

        Has this issue been specific to the Mode1/2048 format?

        • AsmodeusDagon says:

          hi Johnny, thanks for having the time to answer and thanks for you work in this emulator.

          Actually I am deducing it because of the format. If i am not mistaken the 3DO cd image had to be converted to another format from the original MODE/BLOCK for someone to be able to read/extract, and keeping that in mind and the fact that you introduced the extracting feature in this release, it might be that in the “conversion” procedure are made before the CD Image Loading call.

          PS:I might be off on the deducing, but the error loading the CD image is still there, disregarding if i am right or not on mode/block.

          I only tested .bin/cue not .iso format because all my CD Images where from TOSEC 3DO set.

          • Johnny says:

            I created a MODE1/2352 and a MODE1/2048 image, but I can not get the error.

            Maybe I misunderstand the problem. Is the error with loading directly from a physical CD?

            If not (if it is a problem with a CD file) maybe you could send me a CD image of a game with the error? If you have a 4DO forum account, send me a PM there.

            • AsmodeusDagon says:

              Hi again Johnny.

              Instead of providing you with the .iso for testing purpose as you asked,
              I made a HD video and posted in youtube, demonstrating the error and how it occurs. You can check it there, if i can help with anything else, just pm me on forum.


              Thanks again for your attention.

          • Johnny says:

            Okay, the video is quite helpful! I will try more to recreate the issue.

          • Johnny says:

            I wasn’t able to recreate the issue, I’m not sure what the problem is…

            My best guess is that somehow I released a bad version of the executables (not a code problem, but a release problem?). Even so, I tried using the released version but couldn’t get the problem to occur.

            My best idea is to re-do the release and see if that fixes it. I’ve put up a “test” version on the forums. Would you be able to try this re-release for me? If that fixes it, great! If not, maybe you could help me troubleshoot.

          • Johnny says:

            I fixed it!

            It looks like the 4DO installer (as opposed to the .ZIP) was broken. I had forgotten to include a new DLL in there.

            When I used the installer, the issue showed up just as you had reported.

            I’ve re-released the installer for with the new corrections in place.

            Thanks for reporting this problem!

            • AsmodeusDagon says:

              Glad I could help somehow…

              and thanks for taking the time to fix it, its working perfectly now.

  2. kassy says:

    Thanks for the emulator.

    Did anyone have any luck converting files ? I only found a tool to convert cel files to bmp on some russian website. I searched the whole day for a video converting tool (“.stream”/”.3do”/etc). They’re supposed to be cinepak but I didn’t find anything.

  3. lerster says:

    Does the extract to… function not work yet?

    I just wondered… as it doesn’t do anything for me.

    It lets me browse the disc’s files, of an image of crash n’ burn but won’t let me extract anything.

    I’m glad someone finally added gamepad support though, as before all there was, was freedo emulator for 3do, and it I think got abandoned, and it ran the crystal dynamics demo/trailer for total eclipse before crash n burn but I never could get past that part.

    Now it actually runs, on this emulator which is promising, incase my actual Panasonic 3do ever dies on me, like my first earlier model did, but I have one other one that still works. :P

  4. mortalkombat says:

    thanks for 4DO
    function extract file not work
    please remove Ookii.Dialogs from your source code
    and compile again
    some mistakes exist in some game information
    example:super streets fighter II and …

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